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From defense to development? : international perspectives on realizing the peace dividend / editado por Ann Markusen, Sean DiGiovanna y Michael C. Leary - Primera edición - Londres, Reino Unido ; New York, Estados Unidos de América : Routledge, 2003 - xvi, 272 páginas ; gráficos, tablas - Studies in defence economics ; 7 .

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1. From defense to development?, por Ann Markusen y Sean SiGiovanna. 2. Pos-Cold War conversion: gains, losses, and hidden changes in the US economy, por Michael Oden, Laura Wolf-Powers, and Ann Markuse. 3. The Spanish defense industrial restructuring in the post-Cold War decade, por Antónia Casellas. 4. The polish defense industry: restructuring in the midst of economic transition, por Marla K. Nelson. 5. The dismantling of the Argentine defense industry, por Graciela P. Cavicchia. 6. Diversification and niche market exporting: the restructuring of Israel's defense industry in the post-Cold War era, por David A. Lewis. 7. Defense downsizing in South Africa, Soraya E. Goga. 8. Diversification of defense-based industries in India, por Sudha Maheshwari. 9. Defense conversion in China: an economic review, por Shaolin Chen. 10. The South Korean defense industry in the post-Cold War era, por Yong-Sook Lee y Ann Markusen. 11. From defense to development: learning from comparative experience, por Sean DiGiovanna y Ann Markusen.


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