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Varoufakis, Yanis.

Foundations of economics : a beginner's companion Yanis Varoufakis. - London ; New York : Routledge, 1998. - xxii, 396 p. : ilustraciones; 24 cm.

Review: textbooks on consumer and choice theory. History of textbook models: the roots of utility maximisation. Critique: do we maximise utility (even subconsciously)? Should we?. Review: textbooks on firms, production and markets. History of tectbook models: the intellectual road to perfect competition. Critique: is the textbooks theory of production good economics, good politicas, both or neither? review: textbooks on markets and social well-being. History of textbook models: the concept of a legitimate state in economics - origins, the dead-end and two escape routes. Critiques can a capitalist society be good?

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