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Hou, Jeffrey

Insurgent public space Guerrilla urbanism and the remaking of contemporary cities Jeffrey Hou - New York Routledge 2010 - 276 p. Ilustraciones

1.(not) your public space 2. Dancing in the streets of Beijing: improvised uses within the urban system 3. Latino urbanism in Los Angeles: a model for urban improvisation and reinvention 4. Taking place: rebar's absur tactics in generous urbanism 5. eXperimentcity: cultivating sustainable development in Berlin's Freiraume 6. Re-city, tokyo: putting "publicness" into the urban building stocks 7. Claiming residual spaces in the heterogeneous city 8. Claiming latino space: cultural insurgency in the public realm 9. "Night market" in Seattle: community eventscape and the reconstruction of public space 10. Making places for fusion and resistance the experiences of immigrant women in taiwanese townships 11. How outsiders find home in the city: ChungShan in Taipei 12. Machizucuri house and its expanding network: making a new public realm in private homes 13. Niwa-roju private gardens serving the public realm 14. Farmhouses as urban/rural public space 15. Urban archives: public memories of everyday places 16. Funny it doesn't look like insurgent space: the San Francisco Bureau of urban secrets and the practice of history as a public art 17. Mapping the space of desire: brothel as a city landmark, wenmingto in Taipe 18. Spatial limbo: reinscribing landscapes in temporal suspension 19. Public space activism, Toronto and Vancouver: using the banner of public space to build capacity and activate change 20. Urban agriculture in the making of insurgent space in Los Angeles and Seattle

In cities around the world, individuals and groups are reclaiming and creating urban sites, temporary spaces and informal gathering places. These insurgent public spaces challenge conventional views of how urban areas are defined and used, and how they can transform the city environment. No longer confined to traditional public areas like neighbourhood parks and public plazas, these guerrilla spaces express the alternative social and spatial relationships in our changing cities.

With nearly twenty illustrated case studies, this volume shows how instances of insurgent public space occur across the world. Examples range from community gardening in Seattle and Los Angeles, street dancing in Beijing, to the transformation of parking spaces into temporary parks in San Francisco.

Drawing on the experiences and knowledge of individuals extensively engaged in the actual implementation of these spaces, Insurgent Public Space is a unique cross-disciplinary approach to the study of public space use, and how it is utilized in the contemporary, urban world. Appealing to professionals and students in both urban studies and more social courses, Hou has brought together valuable commentaries on an area of urbanism which has, up until now, been largely ignored.


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