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Enevoldsen, Martin

The theory of environmental agreements and taxes: C02 policy performance in comparative perspective - USA Edward Elgar 2005 - x, 294 p. - New Horizons in Environmental Economics .

1. Studying environmental policy outcomes at the crossroads between economics and political science 2. Approaches to environmental governance in economics and political science 3. A dual institutional approach 4. Voluntary agreements and the free-rider problem 5. Institutions, social capital and voluntary environmental agreements 6. On the institutional design and effectiveness of green taxes 7. Comparative analysis of CO2 policies towards the industrial sector 8. Indirect regulation of industrial CO2 pollution in Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands 9. A comparative analysis of CO2 policy performance at the national level 10. Econometric analysis of industrial CO2 emissions over the period 1958-2000 11. The micro-level: policy stimulation of cleaner energy technologies 12. Reflections on theory and policies


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